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Review of the most popular cryptocurrency oriented publishing platforms, ranked from worst to best. Pros marked as + / Cons as .

Writing about Cryptocurrencies

8. Guest posting for Crypto Magazines

Usually extremely hard to get published.
Many websites require a fee for posting that can be pretty high (even thousands of dollars).
Even if published, posts usually get very little visibility since they are not promoted.

7. Steemit

Very hard to get exposure.

6. Medium

Posts get absolutely no exposure unless submitted to a publication, which can be hard since there’s no tool to contact them through
Bans users easily for political reasons.

5. Hackernoon

Posts get very little exposure unless featured on the front page (which happen rarely, since there are lot of writers).
It takes a long time for the post to get approved (usually days).
High requirements, most posts don’t get approved.
Commenting not allowed.

4. Your own website

+ You have total power and control.
Unless you promote your website (which can turn to be expensive) you get absolutely no visitors.

3. Bitcointalk

+ Medium exposure, sometimes a post can get a lot of comments.
Posting volume is so high that your post can disappear from 1st page in a few hours.
If you want to know what cronyism and paranoia look like, visit this forum. All newbies are treated like scammers, and their account lacks features that senior members have.
Unfair “Trust” system where old users can destroy a new member’s reputation without any proof.
It is almost impossible to become a senior member on the forum since old members don’t give ” Merit” points to new members.
General atmosphere is negative.
If you try to sign-up from an IP that a suspended account has used before, you must pay a ransom in order to register.

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2. Reddit

+ Posts get pretty good visibility.
+ Active discussion.
After a day, your post will be completely forgotten.
Often negative reception.
In most crypto subreddits a user is required to have quite high “Karma” in order to post.

1. Publish0x

+ High exposure.
+ Positive community.
+ Active commenting.
One must be approved in order to write.

Did I miss something? If so, suggest a platform in the comments!



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